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Masterclass (MA)

Our 3-hour masterclass sessions provide a taste of the full 3 day APS public speaking course.

Participants will gain an introduction to essential speaking, stage presence and selling skills to enable them to make immediate changes in their presentations.

We also tackle overcoming the famous fear of speaking in public!

You do not need to have completed a masterclass to sign up for the full 3 day course, so if you’re feeling ready then jump straight over to The Art of Public Speaking (APS) for an event near you.

Art of Public Speaking (APS)

APS is a globally successful 3-day public speaking training seminar aimed at entrepreneurs and business people.

APS brings together the best in public speaking together with persuasion and influencing tactics from advertising, marketing, branding and selling.

The event is taught by both international business & public speaking experts. Participants leave with a toolkit that will help them to make an immediate impact in their organisation or market.

The event is taught by international business & public speaking experts.

Golden Circle (GO)

Golden Circle is our public speaking mastery academy.

Over 48 months, participants will develop perfect practice in the art of public speaking as well as learning other professional skills to set them apart in the market.

With the help of special guest speakers, trainers and experts our goal is to raise you to professional speaker standard on the world stage whilst offering an invaluable networking opportunity.

GO is intended for participants who have completed the APS training previously.

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