Our Partners


Acosphere is a member of the ILM, which fully endorses the quality of some of Acosphere's training modules, recognising them for their professional, thorough and innovative training content and methods.



Acosphere works with Heliofelis (our training and coaching consulting partner) to develop people strategies, uncovering employees' strengths and mapping client organisations to enable highly talented workforces with true competitive advantage.



Productis is Acosphere's expert arm in CRM consultancy. Together they share a rich pool of multilingual consultants with international sales and managerial expertise, working with global organisations to achieve sales and business excellence.



Consalia is a global performance improvement company teamed with Middlesex University. Consalia partners with Acosphere in delivering a university recongised Masters in Sales programme to Acosphere clients. Together they are in the process of creating new sales products together.


Pan Africa Talent Consulting

Acosphere teams up with Pan Africa Talent Consulting, utilising their skills in Hr structure, talent consulting, Tactics & Psychometric testing to help our clients reorganise their people strategies and align their HR objectives with the overall business strategy.