Our Network

APS (Association of Professional Sales)

Gilles Acogny is a Board Member of the Association of Professional Sales. As part of our network we are dedicated to providing professional, innovative insights, training and sales development to sales professionals.


Robbins Research International

For 30 years, Anthony Robbins has been modelling the most successful people in the world, discovering and simplifying the strategies they use to make the most of their business and personal lives. He runs regular events worldwide, divulging the secrets of success. The Acosphere Team regularly take Tony Robbins trainings and coaching.


Forbes Afrique

Nadia Mensah-Acogny is a regular columnist for Forbes Afrique, writing on topics as diverse as women in leadership, and economic conditions and trends across Africa.
Written specifically for the African marketplace, Forbes Africa relates the African perspective and serves the unique needs of Africa’s most important business leaders.


Vox Afrique

Acosphere’s media partner for publicising training events across Africa, Vox Afrique (one of Africa’s leading media networks in TV, online and print) often features interviews with Acosphere Directors on business and investment topics.


My Brain

An innovative partner to Acosphere, MyBrain International are the creators of the MIND neurometric profiling tool – one of the most effective methods ever developed for improving the performance of individuals, teams and whole organisations.



A personality profiling system optimised for the business world. Performanse regularly partners with Acosphere to provide an exceptional, systematic and dynamic approach to profiling an organisation, understanding its talent and developing its workforce.



Acosphere is a training advisor in the Gallup Strengths Finder tool. All Acosphere staff use its remarkable approach to developing talent in the workplace to enhance their own strengths and maintain a high performing team.


Henley-Reading Business School

Acosphere has recruited numerous graduates from this top 5 ranking UK business school, renowned for its unique blend of specialist fields, in particular Business and Enterprise. With its headquarters at the University of Reading, it has produced outstanding business leaders for 65 years.


Cours Florent

An internationally renowned elite drama school headquartered in Paris. Cours Florent in partnership with Acosphere delivers mutually beneficial training to each other networks in public speaking, voice, leadership and sales.


Galileo-ESG Groupe

An elite group of professional business schools, headquartered in Paris, France. Galileo-ESG has a network of 47 schools worldwide and guarantees the most sought-after business Education in Europe. Acosphere and Galileo share complementary services in providing training to students and the marketplace.



Gilles Acogny is a Founding Member of the Institut Supérieur de Management (ISM) No 4 Business School in Africa (source: ranking Jeune Afrique), the first and largest private business school in Senegal. ISM is in partnership with schools of the Studialis-Galileo group and has also been acredited as the UEMOA Regional Center of Excellence, making it the first private African school recognised by the West African Economic and Monetary Union.