About Us

“We use the Power of happiness to drive productivity”
Gilles Acogny and Nadia Mensah Acogny.

“Whilst the numbers are important, we’ve come to see that it’s not just about the numbers. We take a holistic and human approach to business consulting, working with your business strategy and developing your people from the inside out. We are obsessed with finding out what makes your people tick, their values and driving behaviour. Ultimately, what fuels the happiness of your employees? Happy employees are productive employees and we have a whole range of services dedicated to keeping them that way and keeping your business growing”.

Acosphere was formed in 2005 by Gilles Acogny and Nadia Mensah Acogny. With headquarters in London and a subsidiary company in Dakar, Senegal, Acosphere operates globally working with a range of customers including FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and CAC40 companies. We look forward to working with you.